The Rout of Moy

The last two days have been a whirlwind of Jacobite activity. As part of the Arts Across Learning Festival we ran four workshops for local schools. Pupils worked with us and artist Fergus Connor to create their own interpretation of the story of the Rout of Moy.

The story is about the outwitting of the Hanoverian Army by five servants of the remarkable Jacobite supporter, Lady Anne Mackintosh of Moy Hall. While Charles Edward Stuart was a guest in her house with only a small number of men, she learned that the Hanoverian Army was on its way to capture him. She came up with a daring plan to save Charles and deter the Hanoverians. As the Army approached, her five servants darted in and out of the trees yelling war cries and firing pistols, pretending to be the whole Jacobite Army.  The plan was a success and the Hanoverians fled back to Inverness.  The piece of  tartan which is on display in our current exhibition is said to have belonged to Charles and was given to the University by descendants of Lady Anne so perhaps Charles gave her his kilt as a gesture of gratitude for saving his life.

Take a look at the photographs below to see what the pupils got up to…

They had a look at our Rebels with a Cause exhibition and played a game of Chinese Whispers to show how news can change when passed from person to person.

We then told the story of the Rout of Moy and our audience participated by showing us their best bows and curtseys and toasting to “The King over the water”.

They played a version of Port and Starboard involving locations and actions from the story.

Using newspaper and tape the pupils made props for their stories.

In groups the pupils prepared tableaux (still pictures) of scenes from the story. Here are some of their final pictures.

“We’re really cold” by Gilcomstoun and Total French Schools

“Running away” by Kingsford Primary School

“Charles thanks Lady Anne” by Gilcomstoun and Total French Schools

Thanks to the pupils, teachers and adult helpers from Kingsford PS, Manor Park PS, Hazlehead PS, Gilcomstoun PS and Total French School for their fantastic participation!

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