Set in Silver … Beneath the Surface

Yesterday we held the first of the Family Fun sessions inspired by our current photography exhibition “Set in Silver”.  The theme of the day was the underwater world of Aberdeen Harbour.  In the exhibition there are some super photographs of the divers who inspected the bottom of the harbour for the construction of the docks.

The children imagined what the divers would have seen through their helmets when they went beneath the surface of the water, and they made colourful fishes to swim across the library windows.

Look out for our How To post on making a fish, coming soon.

Our next Family Fun event is on Wednesday 11th April, from 1pm-4pm.  We’ll be making photograph albums inspired by the old camera on display in the exhibition.  You can find us in the events space behind the gallery in the University Library.  Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Posted by: Sarah and Lynsey


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  1. Thanks, the kids loved seeing the harbour as it was, with the ships of old. We liked the Wilson montage of the Aberdeen dignitaries, but the making of the sea creatures and scenes was just lovely, they loved it thanks!

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