Guest Book – Robert Gordon’s College 1

Luckily it was a beautiful day yesterday, as two P5 classes from Robert Gordon’s College walked all the way across town to the Library to visit the Special Collections Centre to do our rare books workshop “This Book Belongs To …”

It was an opportunity for lively discussion as pupils debated what the best conditions are for looking after rare books.

The pupils also created a catalogue entry for one of our books, providing all the information that would be needed for a library user to search and find the book.

There was a chance to see some of the rare books close up, including an 18th century book of spiders with detailed, hand-painted illustrations of the different species of spider found in England.  There were an alarming number of different types!

A trip into one of the stores gives an idea of all the different kinds of books we have, and what conditions we keep them in.  One of the books the pupils saw was covered in an old medieval music manuscript – just like the way pupils cover their jotters today.

Back in the Learning Room the pupils looked at some of the book plates from the Special Collections, and then designed and printed their own to take away.

If you would like to bring your class to do this free workshop, email us at or phone 01224 273047 or 01224 273048.

Posted by: Sarah and Lynsey


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