Guest Book – Robert Gordon’s College 2

The third and final P5 class from Robert Gordon’s College visited us yesterday to do our “This Book Belongs To …” workshop, and we’ve decided to post images of some of the book plates they made while they were here.  The pupils were given the task of creating a design that reflected their own personal interests and tastes in reading, and yesterday’s group included a good many pictures of wildlife …

Three fishy book plates …

… a crocodile (or dragon?) and a wolf.

As usual the children enjoyed the whole process of creating the book plates, especially the inking and stamping.  We overheard one pupil say to another “It’s as if I’m literally stamping my authority on my book”.

If you would like to bring your class to do this free workshop, email us at or phone us on 01224 273047 or 01224 273048.

Posted by: Lynsey and Sarah


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