Guest Book – Muirfield Primary School

In our last post we promised to take you through the stages of our workshop “This Book Belongs To …” when we had another class in.  Well today we had P6/7 visit us from Muir field Primary School.

When a class comes to visit the first impression will be a big wow, as they enter the front door and look up into the atrium. The interior of the library is so unexpected as it makes such a big contrast to the cube exterior.

Once through the security barriers the class makes their way downstairs to the  Learning Room, where they are introduced to the workshop and learn a bit about what goes on in the Special Collections Centre. We’ll show you that in the next post.

If you would like to bring your class to do a workshop at the Special Collections Centre, email or phone (01224) 273047 or (01224) 273048.

Posted by: Lynsey and Sarah


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