Guest book – Kemnay Primary School

Our last school visit for this year! I can hardly believe that nearly five months have gone by since we started our schools learning programme. It’s been a wonderful journey for us since it started, when we fitted out the Learning Room and planned our first workshops. And it’s been a real pleasure to welcome so many school groups to the Special Collections Centre. We hope to have many more visits in 2012-2013!

Our final workshop for the year was with Kemnay Primary School P3, who came to the University to discover all about our archives on Ancient Egyptians. After an action-packed morning at King’s Museum learning about mummification, they came up to the Library and discovered how the Victorian archaeologists had recorded the amazing artefacts they found in Egypt. At a time when there were hardly any cameras and it was difficult to bring large objects home, how did you make an accurate record of your discoveries?

The children explored different techniques for recording stone engravings, and turned their hands to drawing close observational sketches of a beautiful painting of an Egyptian sarcophagus. Then they reinterpreted a notebook filled with translations of hieroglyph recipes for Ancient Egyptian medicines – the pupils made up their own recipes using the Egyptian ingredients and acted out advertisements for them to the rest of the class!

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