The Big Draw

On Saturday Family Fun returned to the The Sir Duncan Rice Library after a short break. We had a fantastic summer with the Gilded Beasts exhibition, and we hope that our next few events will be just as fun. We started the programme off in style with participants creating a beautiful garden wall as part of the Big Draw. We worked with Aberdeen City Council’s Arts Development Team to create some fun drawing activities inspired by our “Pharmacopoeia” exhibition. These activities were designed to encourage people to experiment with different drawing materials and lose that “I can’t draw” feeling that so many people have. It seems to have been successful as we ended Saturday with a beautiful collections of images.

All sorts of methods were used to create these images. Here are a few in action:

Drawing with a material you haven’t used before (for example graphite sticks or charcoal)

Using an over-head projector to draw unusual shapes

Collaging paper and/or real leaves over drawings

Taking rubbings from real leaves

Using textures around us (the Library’s stone floor was great for a leafy texture!)


Tracing and overlapping Special Collections drawings

Creative writing was also a skill employed on Big Draw day with participants filling in plant quiz sheets and making up their own plant. One participant even wrote a poem about autumn leaves. Well done to everyone who came along for being so creative!

Check out our Family Fun page for details about our next events.

Posted by: Lynsey and Sarah


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