Family Fun – How Does Your Garden Grow?

If there’s one thing our Pharmacopoeia exhibition has taught us, it’s just how important plants are to our health. Plants on land and in the sea contribute to medicines which can have life-saving effects. With this in mind, we decided that Saturday’s Family Fun would encourage visitors to look after the plant life of the planet by reducing, re-using and recycling. We saved lots of our household packaging such as egg boxes, plastic bottles and sweetie wrappers  to make a fantastic flower garden for the Library windows. With the low winter sun streaming through the glass, the garden looked colourful and vibrant.

Our next Family Fun is on Saturday 1st December, 1-4pm in The Sir Duncan Rice Library. We’ll be making book covers and writing a giant story on the wall for Book Week Scotland. Hope you can join us!

Posted by: Sarah and Lynsey



    • Thanks! And hopefully it will have given people a new idea for a way to use their household packaging.

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