Guest Book – school visits for Book Week Scotland

Well, Book Week Scotland is over and what a busy week it was here at the Special Collections Centre! As well as the Flash Fiction Competition, bookbinding event, book exchange and twitter feed, we also had 190 primary school pupils through the doors from Kittybrewster, Skene Square, Sunnybank and Westpark Primary Schools.

As a special Book Week Scotland celebration we focussed on our “This Book Belongs To …” workshop, which gives pupils a chance to find out about the wonders of our rare book collections and how we look after them. The children also get to make their own book plates to take away for their own books back home.

You might wonder if we would get a bit stale, delivering the same workshop over and over again, but not a bit of it. Each class was so excited to see the rare books and asked such interesting questions, we found it was a new experience delivering the workshop every time. It’s great to know that children have so much curiosity about books!

Here are some pictures of the school visits we had last week:

Westpark PS P7

Skene Square PS P7

Sunnybank PS P6-7

We also had P5 and P6/7 from Cornhill Primary School in to do our “Discovering Ancient Egypt” workshop on Thursday last week.

Cornhill PS P5 (2)

Cornhill PS P5

Cornhill PS P6-7

If you would like to bring a class to do one of our school workshops, get in touch with us at


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