Cover Story – Family Fun for Book Week Scotland

This is the last of our Book Week Scotland events posts – we had so much on we’ve had to spread our coverage over several posts!

On Saturday we had our last Family Fun session of the year, and the participants made felt book covers to protect their favourite books.  We used images of book covers from the rare books collection as inspiration for the decoration, as well as going with a seasonal theme.

our samples

Cover story book covers

dragon book cover

Cover Story participant

Cover Story 3

Cover story 4

Cover story 5

Cover Story 6

Cover story 7

Cover story 8

Cover story 9

We also had a giant story growing on the wall, with each person adding their piece to it. By the end we had a smelly green liquid, a pair of married snails, a narwhal, a series of explosions and a plot that was off the wall (sorry, bad pun). If you want to know the whole story, you can read the Giant Story on the Wall (we’ve kept all original spelling and punctuation).

Cover story 10

We also had a special celebration for the children who took part in our Paper Zoo summer school earlier this year. The children had each made an entry for their own version of the Aberdeen Bestiary, a wonderful 12th century manuscript of animals, and the final bound version of their book was on display for them to see.

That’s our last Family Fun before the New Year. Keep an eye out for posters for our next family event which will probably be in February.


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