Guest Book – the last few weeks

We’ve had lots of schools visiting us over the last few weeks, but with one half of the team being on holiday and the other half leading workshops our Guest Book posts have fallen by the wayside. So now that I have a school-free moment I’d like to make sure all of the lovely classes who have visited get a mention.

Jacobites: The Rout of Moy

This workshop was attended by:

  • Fishermoss Primary School, P4/5
  • Broomhill Primary School, P5
  • Hazlehead Primary School, P6

This workshop allows pupils to bring the Jacobites and Hanoverians to life in our Learning Room. Items from the archives (including a letter written by Charles Edward Stuart) are examined before the class listen to The Rout of Moy, a story inspired by the collection and real historical events. Through games and drama activities the pupils then tell the story themselves. Have a look at some of the pictures from last week’s workshops and see if you can guess what’s going on.Lady Anne gets a messageLady Anne is horrified and faints!Lady Anne is horrified The soldiers and piper march on Moy Hall.

Discovering Ancient Egypt

This workshop was attended by:

  • St Cyrus Primary School, P3
  • Fishermoss Primary School, P3
  • Drumoak Primary School, P3/4
  • Glass Primary School, P1-4
  • Glass Primary School, P5-7

Another popular workshop looks at Victorian Egyptologists’ records in the Special Collections. Pupils are asked to solve a problem: What would you do if you found an amazing artefact but it was too big to bring home? Oh and you don’t have a digital camera! Our Egyptologists, George Tomlinson and Ellen Pollard, used drawings, squeezes and writing to do this and we look at the original archives to explore their methods before the pupils tested them out for themselves .Drawing an Ancient Egyptian grave marker
Ellen’s notebooks are a fascinating record of the hieroglyphs she saw and translated on her travels around Egypt, including recipes for Ancient Egyptian medicines. The pupils use this as inspiration for their own recipes including some horrid ingredients like snake, ox and blood.Cutting out hieroglyphs Drawing the medicine recipe
Unfortunately I didn’t manage to catch the rest of the action (the down side of running workshops on your own) but all the classes were great fun to have in the Learning Room. Thanks to Glass Primary Schools’ P1-4 for being our first ever Primary 1’s. We had great fun making recipes together and I hope they use their recipe cards to make even more revolting recipes back at school!

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