Waterlines Family Fun – Calling all Sculptors

On Saturday we had our first Family Fun of 2013. It seemed overdue to us! The last one we had was way back in December and both Lynsey and I were really looking forward to another sociable afternoon of family art and craft.

Our theme on Saturday was sculpture, tying in with the current Waterlines sculpture exhibition in the gallery. “Waterlines” is the name of a sculpture created specially for the area outside the library by artists Will Maclean and Marian Leven. The sculpture incorporates themes of the sea, boats and also Pictish stones, which gives us a lot of good material for coming up with Family Fun ideas!

For this session the participants created their own fabulous sculptures for outside the library using recycled materials.

finished sculpture 3

finished sculpture 1

finished sculpture 2

recycled materials compressed

sculptor 1

family fun participants in the events area

The children had to consider several things when making their sculptures, including how stability and how they would work “in situ” in front of the library building. Some of the children then drew their sculptures on acetate so they could see what their sculptures looked like in front of a photograph of the library.

Pharmacy Rocket sculpture checklist

Pharmacy rocket sculpture

Pharmacy rocket sculpture - acetate

It was also a trial run for our new quiet “comfy corner”, an area where younger children can go and play with sensory materials, books and puzzles. It was great to see some of the participants’ younger siblings making full use of the space and investigating our sensory play boxes. Older children also enjoyed playing in the corner once they had finished making their sculptures. We’ll be adding to the comfy corner resources over the next few months.

comfy corner

playing in the comfy corner

Our next Family Fun is on Saturday 16th March, 1-4pm. Drop in to the library and turn the events space into an artist’s studio. We’ll be making a variety of art inspired by the work of the two Waterlines artists. Hope to see you there!

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