Guest Book – Ancient Egyptian explorers!

Over the last few weeks we’ve had lots of visits from schools studying Ancient Egypt, it must be a popular subject this term! We’ve got lots more to come before the Easter holidays but in the last few weeks we’ve had visits from:

  • St. Fergus Primary School, P4
  • Milltimber Primary School, P4/5
  • Balmedie Primary School, two P3 classes
  • Portlethen Primary School, P3
  • Oyne Primary School, P3/4

While they are here we challenge pupils to become Egyptologists and record what they see on their visit to the SCC. Here are some of the drawings, recording the watercolour drawings of Ancient Egyptian grave markers in our collection.
Drawing Drawing Drawing

We also have “squeezes” in our collection, which are pressed paper images of Ancient Egyptian engravings. Pupils use modelling dough to understand how an Egyptologist would squeeze wet paper into an engraving to create a record of how it looked. Wet paper takes too long to dry in our cold, wet climate, we’ve experimented!
Making a squeeze

Pupils also investigate the world of Ancient Egyptian medicine and the horrid things they mixed together to create them. They get a chance to make up their own recipes, drawing real hieroglyphs on to a recipe sheet.
Medicine recipes medicine recipes Medicine ingredient - snake skin
One pupil decided to adapt the snake hieroglyph to that he could put snake skin in his medicine!

Our last Discovering Ancient Workshop of last week was attended by a very special guest.
Special visitor from Oyne
Tatty Teddy came to visit with his P3 friends from Oyne Primary School. He is a very well travelled bear, with trips this year including a ski trip, France and now The Sir Duncan Rice Library!

If you would like to bring your class to the Special Collections Centre for a school workshop, email or phone (01224) 273047 or (01224) 273048.

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