Life Lately

Life in learning & outreach lately has been very busy with school visits, events and Family Fun. This post gives you a little taster of what’s been going on: 

Symposium participantsPortlethen Primary - Jacobite drama

Portlethen Primary - Jacobite drama Fernilea Primary - Jacobite drama
Fernilea Primary - Jacobite drama Culter Primary - discussing archaeology ideasCulter Primary - making a "squeeze" Buchanhaven Primary - making medicines
Loriston Primary - medicine recipe Charleston PS P3   Tawaret - goddess of pregnancy and childbirth Squeeze - Charleston PS P3

Who has visited us:

  • lots of artists, facilitators and museum/gallery professionals visited us for the Participation, Photography and the Politics of Space Symposium which was developed in collaboration with NEPAN and engage.
  • Portlethen Primary School P4/5 – Jacobites: The Rout of Moy workshop
  • Fernielea Primary School P5 – Jacobites: The Rout of Moy workshop
  • Loriston Primary School P2/3 – Discovering Ancient Egypt
  • Culter Primary School P4 – Discovering Ancient Egypt
  • Meiklemill Primary School P3 – Discovering Ancient Egypt
  • Walker Road Primary School P3A and P3B – Discovering Ancient Egypt
  • Buchanhaven Primary School P4A and P4B – Discovering Ancient Egypt
  • Charleston School School P3 – Discovering Ancient Egypt

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