Night at the Museums

Night at the Museums is a big annual event at the University, when all the university museums are open and there’s a full programme of exciting activities for families. Last year there were more than 800 people through the door of the Zoology museum in the one evening!

This year the Special Collections Centre took part for the first time, offering fun activities linking in to the current exhibition Wanderlust. The theme of the entire programme was exploration, which couldn’t have been better from our point of view.

Explorer at The Sir Duncan Rice Library

In the events space children dressed up as people and animals featured in the exhibition and made their own travel journals; in the exhibition there was a gallery quiz; and the cafe stayed open late and participants played table-top travel games over coffee and cake.

Lion in The Sir Duncan Rice Library

It was great to see so many new faces at The Sir Duncan Rice Library, and the buzz in the events space and the gallery made for a really fun atmosphere. The children really got into character when dressing up! You can see their photos on our Flickr page.

Posted by: Sarah


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