Summer Family Fun

Summer Wednesdays have been busy with our Family Fun afternoons. Many people have attended our drop-in sessions from near and afar. It has been wonderful to see people of all ages working together and enjoying themselves!


We started our Summer Family Fun sessions by making tourist guides. Some focused on their local areas in Aberdeen, and others introduced places they know further away. All participants seemed very focused on the subject at hand, and took their time polishing their fascinating guides.

The Wanderlust exhibition in the Gallery introduces different travellers and their intriguing stories from around the world. This time we drew inspiration from Robert Wilson’s travels in Greece, and made our own Ancient Greek styled vases from recycled pots and cups. The colour theme was orange and black, as it would have been in the original ancient counterparts. Some participants added a beautiful glaze to their pots by covering them with glue.

This week we set our eyes on the magnificent buildings from India, painted by Robert Wilson on his travels. We created our own Islamic tiles with different patterns and styles. Key themes were floral arabesque, geometrical and symmetrical patterns.

And this is how our Mughal palace turned out.
Eastwards to India

There are still two more exciting Family Fun sessions ahead for this summer. Next Wednesday we will turn our heads to the Arctic!

Posted by: Liisa (a summer intern in the Special Collections & Learning)


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