My Summer Internship at Special Collections

Hi all!

I am Liisa Lauri and I have been an intern here at the Special Collections Centre for three months. This is the last week of my internship but before I go, I thought I’d tell you a little about my summer here.

Aberdeen was already familiar to me from my Erasmus exchange in 2011, so it was easy to settle back in here for the summer. Having such a welcoming work environment at the Sir Duncan Rice Library also helped to relieve my nerves on the first day. I have had the opportunity to try different things within the Special Collections Centre and I have also been working with the Teaching Resource Collection on Floor 6. Seeing so many different aspects of work in the Library has been very beneficial and interesting from my point of view.

I study history, politics and education in my home town in Oulu, Finland.  Working with the rare book collections is a treat for a history student, and teaching resources, as well as learning and outreach, go well with my pedagogic studies. I have had a range of different creative tasks, which I have enjoyed very much. With the help of Ross and Eleni from the Taylor Library, I learned how to make podcasts, and I also got to design a blog for the Teaching Resource Collection.

With Sarah and Lynsey, the Learning and Outreach Officers in the Special Collections Centre, I have been able to combine my experience from teaching and love for crafts. I feel like I have been reunited with my creative side once again! I have assisted with Family Fun sessions and helped with the two summer schools that we had in July. I also produced some materials for the Summer school, made Family Fun reports and blog posts. Through that, I have learned a few new tricks on the computer, and become familiar with some new programmes as well. From the very beginning, Lynsey and Sarah have given me the right amount of responsibilities, so that I have felt like my input matters.

Working in Learning and Outreach has been fun and creative. I feel that I have benefited from working in a team and I have learned a lot more about running and organising different types of events. Careful planning is always essential when there are so many aspects to take under consideration, and the girls have been a great example of that.

I have had a wonderful summer here and I can’t believe how fast it has gone by. I will miss the warm atmosphere at work. We had a great time with the summer school explorers out in the sun, and all the busy Wednesday afternoons with Family Fun have been a blast.  Thanks for having me and making me feel so welcomed!

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