World in a Box Family Fun

Last week’s Family Fun focussed on how the photographs in our Above Scotland exhibition were taken but this week, for our second Easter Family Fun, we looked more closely at what was in the pictures. The amazing photographs show views of modern Scotland but they also show glimpses of Scotland from long ago such as the Ring of Brodgar, the ruins of houses on Scarp and Dunnottar Castle on the cliffs at Stonehaven. The aerial photographs show these historic sites in a totally different way to our usual view from the ground. Participants used these images as inspiration to create their own mini-worlds in boxes, including stone circles, castles, beaches, airports and even Batman’s bat cave. It was tricky to create these mini worlds from above, having to think about how all sorts of things would look like from up in the air and how to attach them to the box so that it looked realistic, but I think you’ll agreed that our participants were very creative and inventive with their shoe boxes.

That was the last Family Fun inspired by the Above Scotland exhibition, next up is our Family Fun for the University’s May Festival, on Saturday 10th May. This will be at the earlier time of 11am – 1pm. There will be lots going on on the University campus so be sure to have a look at the programme and come along. See you there!

Posted by: Lynsey


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