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Explore Your Archive Week has come round once again and with it we have a new Story Box exhibition!

After last year’s superb exhibition on the David Cardno archives by Kittybrewster Primary School’s P7 class we decided to offer the Cardno Story Box project to schools again this year. Westpark Primary School took on the challenge of interpreting the whaler’s exciting life story for Explore Your Archive Week 2014 and we think you’ll agree they created a wonderful exhibition.

The challenge is for schools to respond creatively to the archive and develop their own work in class which they then curate for public display in The Sir Duncan Rice Library during Explore Your Archive Week. First of all the class visits the Special Collections Centre to explore the original historical documents (David Cardno’s own journals, scrapbook, notebook and memoirs) and do some interpretive drama activities.

They then take facsimile copies of the…

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