A Reading Challenge for the Aberdeen Family: Open to all


As we all start to get used to the COVID-19 lockdown, the Museums and Special Collections team is setting a fun challenge for everyone in the University of Aberdeen family.

With all the extra time we now have at home, it’s a perfect time to discover some new authors, to dig into the pile of unread books from Christmases-past or to re-read an old favourite.

Each week, the reading challenge will give two options – you can choose to tackle either or both, depending on how many books you’d like to get through/how competitive you are.


For the first week, the two options are:

  1. Read a book that’s been awarded a prize
  2. Read a book about a superhero


You can be as creative as you like in interpreting the challenge and please remember any format counts, audiobooks and e-books as well as print.

Once you have chosen a book that fits your chosen option (or one for each!) please post it online – preferably with a picture – and tag it with the hashtag #525books

Once you have read the book, upload a second post to tell everyone what you thought about your choice. Did you enjoy it? Will you read more by the same author? Has it opened up a new area of interest for you?

The goal of the challenge is to get as many people reading good books as possible and for us all to discuss them through social media, video chat and any other social-distancing-approved method you can think of.

Happy reading and look out for the new challenge next week on twitter!


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