Jacobites … Over the Sea

This weekend we had a full programme of Family Fun workshops on the theme “Jacobites over the sea”.

After the Jacobites’ defeat at Culloden many of them were forced to emigrate from Scotland to countries around the world, often with little hope of ever seeing their families or homeland again.  Our current exhibition “Rebels with a Cause” shows the journeys some of these Jacobites made, and some of the artefacts they sent home.

Our activities this weekend included storytelling and crafts.  We told the most famous Jacobite “over the sea” story of Charles Edward Stuart’s dramatic journey with Flora MacDonald.  The children made Jacobite emigrants’ kists (travelling chests) for the voyage and Cherokee-style belts like the one on display in the exhibition.

See our next post for how to make a Jacobite emigrant’s kist.

Posted by: Sarah and Lynsey


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