New workshop!

Our new primary schools workshop on the David Cardno Story Box is now available!

The workshop consists of a session held at the Special Collections Centre, University of Aberdeen, in which pupils will get to see the original notebooks, scrapbook and journals of David Cardno, a 19th century whaler from Peterhead who had many exciting adventures in the Arctic. This is followed by interpretive drama and art activities based on many of the incidents of whaling and Inuit life described in Davie’s archives.

In addition to the workshop there is also a supporting resource pack available for internet download, which contains transcripts of sections of Davie’s archives along with exciting activity ideas developed from the David Cardno Story Box Project.

Download the David Cardno Story Box schools resource pack

We are very excited to offer this workshop package, as it is the culmination of all our Story Box school projects this last year. In addition to Family Fun and summer school sessions in 2013, we ran an extended project with Kittybrewster Primary School for the 2013  Explore Your Archive campaign and worked with artist Tracey Smith to create art workshops for the Arts Across Learning festival in March 2014. The workshop and pack pulls together the material and interpretive activities from these events into one accessible package for primary schools. The workshop is suitable for P4-P7 classes.

If you are a teacher and would like to book a workshop for your class, just get in touch with us by emailing or phoning (01224) 273047 or 273048.

Below are some photographs of the David Cardno Story Box workshop which we piloted during the last fortnight with classes from Middleton Park primary school.


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