Aberdeen’s Pittodrie Park Football Ground

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(MS 3860/776)

As the World Cup continues, and work begins on the new Aberdeen Football Club stadium at Kingsford, it’s a good time to highlight some engineering drawings from our MacDonald maps and plans collection (MS 3860). These show the original Aberdeen Football Club’s ground at Pittodrie dating from 1899. Established on the site of a dung hill for police horses, Pittodrie Park included a small stand able to hold about 1000 spectators and following its completion the club hosted its first game against Dumbarton on 2 September 1899.

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(MS 3860/775/2)

In 1903 it became the home of the new Aberdeen FC following the amalgamation of the original Aberdeen Football Club, Orion and Victoria United and joined the Scottish Second Division in 1904, playing its first game against Falkirk on the 20th August.

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(MS 3860/774)

The plans shown were produced by Beattie & Macdonald, C.E., Surveyors and Architects, who had offices at 21 Bridge Street in Aberdeen.


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